Aim & Scope

Journal of Simulation Modeling & Optimization will publish original, innovative and creative research results. The journal will covers the latest advances in science & technologies and will provides the readers with a comprehensive review of the state-of-the-art in simulation modeling and optimization of research topics. It will presents new models, algorithms, software solutions and methodologies, design and engineer nanoscale communication systems, metaheuristic algorithms and its use in optimizing solution in all field of engineering. This journal will also serve researchers with a solid set of diversified and essential tools for the theoretical modeling and control of complex robotic systems, digital human modeling and realistic motion generation. New research issues, challenges and opportunities shaping the future agenda in the field of Engineering Technology will be identified and added in the journal. This is intended for researchers, scholars, advanced students, simulators and practitioners working at the forefront in their domain areas.

Topics include:

           Data Mining, Data Analytics, Big data, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, High Performance Computing, Social Computing, Software Engineering and Quality, Mobile Applications, Machine learning, Natural Language Processing, Human Computer Interaction, Computer Vision, Image Processing, Video Analysis, Information Security, Multimedia Security, Cryptography, Cyber Security, Networking, Information Security, Information Retrieval, Bio-informatics, Artificial Intelligence, Climate change,Vibration control in structures, Damage & Fracture Mechanics, Soil Reinforcement & Ignore, Underground space technology, Fast track construction, Intelligent Transportation System, Plumbing  Engineering, GIS & RS applications, Material Science, Cryogenics, Mechatronics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Fuel Cell, Conventional & non-conventional sources of energy, Process Equipment Design. Advanced communication technologies, Signal Processing, Image processing, Intelligent control, Embedded systems VLSI Design and Technology. Instrumentation and Measurement, Process control and automation, Embedded systems, Biomedical instrumentation Control system, Analytical Instrumentation, Instrumentation in Agricultural & Food Processing, Manufacturing Processes, Digital Metrology, Quality Control and Assurance, CAD/ CAM/ CAE, Production System Management, Product Design & Development, Business Models.

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