Survey on Technological Applications of Internet of Things in Health Monitoring System.
Suraj V Kurde; Supriya Padwal
VOL 01 (01) (2017) 001005

  Combustion and Error Analysis of Hydrogen and CNG Blends for Multi cylinder SI Engine.
P T Nitnaware; J G Suryawanshi

VOL 01 (01) (2017) 006009

Effect of Sodium Dodecyl Sulphate Powder in ECDM on Material Removal Rate (MRR), Tool Wear Rate (TWR) and Diametric Overcut (DOC).
Dr. Dhanvijay, Dr. B B Ahuja, Dr.V A Kulkarni
VOL 01 (01) (2017) 010019

  Design, Manufacturing and Dimensional Stability Analysis of Zirconia-Dolerite Ball Plate for Interim Check of CMM.
Dr.V A Kulkarni,Dr. B B Ahuja, Dr. A.V. Mulay

VOL 01 (01) (2017) 020028

Cooperative Wireless MAC Layer Scheme for Ad Hoc Network
Santosh Kumar Satapathy, Suren Kumar Sahu, Elina Patnaik

VOL 01 (01) (2017) 029033

  Image Enhancement By Discovering Aesthetic Community using Latent Semantic Analysis .
Priyanka R. Chaudhary

VOL 01 (01) (2017) 034040

A Parallel Algorithm for Recognition of Facial Expressions Using Multi-class SVM Classifier
Narendra Kumar Rout, Santosh Kumar Moharana , Saswati Sahoo, Elina Pattnaik

VOL 01 (01) (2017) 041046